Removing the Navigation Bar from Windows Explorer


soapmusic27: But it skind really well and supports Chrome and Firefox. But no other browsers for now. You can theme PaleMoon (a Firefox fork) to match your theme though, or at least come closer to it. Sept 17, 2020 9:21:08 GMT -8
Hayafumi: I wonder why Open-Shell has such small width since when I went to Classic-Shell 4.3.0 it could be very long Sept 17, 2020 9:42:01 GMT -8
ihatemetro: I also agree, Windows should be as customizable as Linux and it's a shame that it isn't. Unlike Mac OS, Windows actually has the resources to be customizable while Mac OS doesn't. I hate that M$ is pushing us to uncustomizable, awful metro. Sept 18, 2020 6:37:21 GMT -8
Hayafumi: I absolutely hate the future of 10, spaced things where you can see less things before, so minimal and modern!!!!! Sept 18, 2020 7:04:29 GMT -8 *
ihatemetro: Also agreed, thank god Linux exists. At least it doesn't force a tablet UI on you. I could stay on v1903 because of the v2004 searchbox, but not for long, if I still want to keep Windows. Sept 18, 2020 11:36:08 GMT -8
Hayafumi: Windows limits the hell out of customization, macOS doesn't really have the tools to customize it. Linux is essentially the last big OS that has user freedom. Sept 18, 2020 11:40:48 GMT -8
novadelta2: ^^this Sept 18, 2020 20:22:32 GMT -8
novadelta2: I'm planning on switching to linux because Windows 7 is becoming obsolete and Windows 10 is fucking ugly as hell Sept 18, 2020 20:23:14 GMT -8
novadelta2: gonna use Ubuntu with TDE who's entire purpose is to have a 2000's UI Sept 18, 2020 20:23:35 GMT -8
ihatemetro: I wish TDE was in Arch repos, currently it's a nightmare to install and I got build errors. Edit: It's not even in AUR either. Edit 2: There was a repo all along, I installed it, yay. Sept 19, 2020 6:35:00 GMT -8 *
meow: Arch is trash. Any attempt to install it after a few days pacman stops working. Even manjaro has this issue. fscking garbage. Sept 19, 2020 11:54:24 GMT -8
meow: There is a fix for it, but pacman stops working after few days again. Sept 19, 2020 11:56:21 GMT -8
Splitwirez: /me exists distantly in Kubuntu Sept 20, 2020 14:08:14 GMT -8
Hayafumi: I don't like vanilla Ubuntu Sept 20, 2020 14:15:07 GMT -8
Hayafumi: it's just too big and Gnome is horrible Sept 20, 2020 14:15:28 GMT -8
ihatemetro: I agree, Gnome is awful. And also, snaps. Sept 20, 2020 14:53:51 GMT -8
ihatemetro: Forum feels almost dead like the Classic Shell forum, btw. Sept 20, 2020 14:55:19 GMT -8
Hayafumi: Well not really, there are members online everyday but nobody makes threads or replys. Sept 20, 2020 15:05:50 GMT -8
maaxsingh: my explorer window bar wont change to classic theme it just looks like a squashed metro bar Sept 22, 2020 6:34:31 GMT -8
ihatemetro: Try OldNewExplorer. Sept 22, 2020 6:56:23 GMT -8